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Bible study materials can be hard to come by. Whether you are a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or youth leader, you already know that curriculum can be expensive, hit-or-miss, or not discussion-friendly.

Have a look around this site for some free resources, from multi-week book studies, to blog posts on the lectionary.

Latest from the Blog

Lectionary: Being A Miracle

Year A – Season After Pentecost – Proper 13 – Matthew 14:13-21 I’ve always thought the topic of miracles was a funny sort of thing in scripture. There have been many different approaches Christians have taken throughout history with this kind of phenomenon. Some might believe that there are unique moments of God’s action revealedContinue reading “Lectionary: Being A Miracle”

Lectionary: In the Weeds

Year A – Season After Pentecost – Proper 11 – Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 Matthew’s gospel depicts Jesus as the true teacher. Writing to a Jewish audience, the author really focuses in on various traditions in the Hebrew bible. We have genealogies, references to prophecy, and connections to wisdom literature. Jesus’ parable in Matthew 13 onContinue reading “Lectionary: In the Weeds”

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